People attract people.

It’s a well- known fact, just think about when you’ve ever been on holiday and you’re strolling along the beachfront trying to decide where to have dinner.  Inevitably one restaurant will look like the place to be – it’s full and seems incredibly popular.  The truth is it may not really be the best one…it’s just that there’s a certain comfort in choosing the same as everyone else!

Remember those old Market Meat Auctions? There were always a few strategically placed ‘ringers’ in the crowd to make sure the bidding and excitement was lively. You can use the same psychology and techniques to ensure your pubs, restaurants and cafes are full too.
It’s already being done by the high street chains! The sofas and tub chairs at the front of a coffee shop serve 2 purposes.  Firstly the wow factor……they look great - attractive and luxurious, just the sort of place you’d love to sit and rest your weary feet.  Secondly they’re the first places to fill up! 
Sitting right at the front means that everyone passing can see what a great place it is too, just confirming what you already knew.
Other pieces of furniture can help as well.  Try placing Poseur (high) tables in front of your windows – it means that your customers will easily be able to see out – but perhaps more importantly it means that your customers will be visible to anyone passing by. Remember the old saying ‘People attract people’…
In pubs, bars and hotel bars we’re all familiar with the typical sight of a line of high stools in front of the bar. Sometimes a hard core of customers can monopolise bar staff which can be off-putting to other customers.  By distributing the high stools widely and providing a few more gaps between them, you can create a sense of greater openness and accessibility while importantly providing a clearer path to the bar in order to secure a sale. This is a nice and subtle approach to take without alienating existing customers while at the same time encouraging in new ones.
Depending on the customers you are looking to attract, elements such as height can play a big part in the psychology of where and how men and women generally differ in how they like to sit. Men tend to love vertical seating while women like to sit down in a lower comfortable chair. Men are more likely to go out together for a drink whereas women commonly will go out with their friends to eat. All useful considerations when you are reviewing who your intended customer really is.
Other than their obvious benefits, comfy chairs and sofas can have another good use.  Is there a corner of your pub, bar or cafe that everyone seems to avoid? Perhaps it’s a bit out of the way, or through a narrow doorway that no one wants to go past?  It could mean a whole room goes unused.
Instead, try making this ‘the best seat in the house’, a beautiful cosy snug with a couple of sofas and some tub chairs – a sanctuary to read the papers and relax. Remember that clever use of colour and different fabrics can also help to bring areas to life.  Just remind your staff to quietly pop in every now and then to make sure your guests are happy and involved but in the main, leave them in peace to enjoy their hidden gem. 

Date Created:02-06-2014