Pubstuff Ready To Go

 New Pubstuff ‘Ready to Go’ Contract Furniture Warehouse Opens in Haydock 

Tuesday 1st October 2013, Pubstuff Ltd is pleased to announce the opening of their new ‘Ready to 
Go’ Contract Furniture Warehouse in Haydock. Addressing a growing need in the region for fast 
access to quality Pub, Bar and Hotel contract furniture, the new facility will offer a snapshot of the 
extensive Pubstuff range of new contract furniture ready to take away the same day. 
“Our simple goal is that when customers use our new Pubstuff Ready to Go Contract Furniture 
Warehouse, the overriding benefit for them is to be able to arrive with their van, make their choices 
from our range, pay, load up and drive away again” said Pubstuff Director, Sally Huband. 
The concept represents a fast solution for busy landlords and bar owners. The whole Pubstuff range 
will be available to view/touch and mix and match at Haydock. The items available to ‘Take Away 
Today’ will be clearly flagged. For any items that customers would like to order that aren’t available 
through the ‘Ready to Go’ system, they can follow through via the normal 2 – 3 week rapid delivery 
The opening of the new ‘Ready to Go’ warehouse is timed to coincide with a traditional upwards 
spike in seasonal demand for additional furniture in the run up to Christmas. With over 40 high 
performing products available to take away the same day, acquiring new furniture in good time, is 
an ideal element of pre-Christmas planning that can be ticked off the ‘to-do’ list. 2 
“In our experience of both running pubs and supplying them, with Christmas approaching, Pub and 
Bar owners are entering a busy time planning menus, staffing, decorations and revenue plans. Often 
the logistics of planning for adequate numbers of tables and chairs for the party season is a 
practicality that can be overlooked until the last minute” said Pubstuff Director Sally Huband. 
“Rather than compromise on quality or price, spending a relatively short amount of time at our new 
Contract Furniture Ready to Go Warehouse and Showroom, should result in some great decisions, 
goods to take away and an avoidance of any last minute seasonal stress” she continued. 
Visiting the Ready to Go warehouse will also allow customers to touch and see the products included 
in Pubstuff’s unique ‘Pub Stuff in a Box’ range, which includes the Pub Stuff in a Box Party Bundle a 
great option for Christmas parties and functions. The approach is an easy and cost effective way to 
furnish your pub or restaurant. Stools, chairs and tables are available in a variety of bundles and may also be 
used to rapidly respond to increased requirements as a result of either the festive season or for general 
events. ‘Pubstuff in a Box’ enables venues to gear up and quickly turn disused space or function rooms 
into revenue earners. The bundles can be ordered through the normal delivery schedule of 2 -3 
The new showroom at the Ready to Go warehouse will allow potential and existing customers to 
visualise the furniture in application providing a wealth of great interior design ideas. They will be 
able to see how different combinations can best work together and what would suit their specific 
“Our range is the same quality, durable, stylish product wherever you buy it from us. With our Ready 
to Go warehouse, it is all about immediacy and easy access to see touch and choose what you want 
from a subset of our range. Customers can see for themselves that what we sell is great quality and 
affordable. We provide the flexibility to choose from a range of selected fabrics so that the 
upholstery and finishing can be precisely geared to what they want” explained Sally Huband.

Date Created:07-11-2013