Button Top Stools Painted in Grey (Low)



NEW! Low Button Top Stool Painted in Grey
Colour Painted Grey
Product Code BUTLGREY
Height 475 mm
Diameter 345 mm

Just arrived! Button Top Stools painted in Cream and Grey.

We are very excited about this new addition to the Pub Stuff range.  These Button Top Stools will look great in so many different environments.  Perfect in a Rustic setting perhaps in the soft painted colours providing a stylish 'shabby chic' or Country Kitchen appeal.  Use the French Grey, for a look of provence.

Bridging the gap between traditional padded stools and wooden seat modern bar chairs.  They are sturdy, chunky and reminiscent of a Victorian Industrial age for both Urban and country settings.

Available in:

Soft Oak Wood Colour

Dark Walnut Wood Colour

Painted: Stone

Painted: Charcoal Grey